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Celebrate Joe Kelly with your very own ‘Mariachi Joe’ T-shirts

Celebrate the best trade of the Dodgers season so far, thanks to Breaking T!

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When the Dodgers visited the White House last Friday to celebrate their World Series championship, there were several indelible moments. The band playing “I Love LA,” Clayton Kershaw at the presidential podium were among the highlights.

But it was Joe Kelly who stood out most of all. Just five days earlier at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers reliever traded one of his Dodgers jerseys to Grover Castro of Mariachi Garibaldi in exchange for a mariachi jacket.

Kelly then wore that mariachi jacket to the White House.

You can’t get an actual mariachi jacket here, but you can at least celebrate the occasion with your own “Mariachi Joe” T-shirt from our friends at Breaking T:

Get your “Mariachi Joe” shirt from Breaking T.

Maybe you can impress your friends with this shirt, or at least get the kind of reaction Kelly got from manager Dave Roberts on Friday morning, before the White House visit.

“I saw Joe in the morning at breakfast in the hotel, and it was more of a smile and head shake,” Roberts said with a chuckle. “Unexpected, but not surprised by the outfit. It just seemed pretty fitting.”

Here’s hoping your “Mariachi Joe” shirt is just as fitting.