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Dodgers offer new food options in centerfield plaza

Pass me an ice cream sandwich

Anybody who has been to Dodger Stadium this season or has watched on television this season, knows there are tons of new food options in the Centerfield Plaza beyond the outfield seating.

Shake Shack, Bao and Bowls and the others received some company Friday with the addition of sweet treats and spicy drinks.

The custom fire truck that once served the community will house micheladas on draft, with the choice of either a signature or spicy Michelada mix served right from the truck. The classic LA lowrider firetruck will be offering locally produced ice cream sandwiches, along with a vegan treat.

Our own Eric Stephen has done reviews in the past on Twitter and now we’ll have to get over to these new attractions to tell you what they taste like. But let us know if you try it first.