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Dodgers have been robbed on called third strikes more than any other team

Dodgers added another to the list Friday

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MLB: AUG 03 Astros at Dodgers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Besides being great hitters overall, the Dodgers have proven themselves to be knowledgable about where the strike zone is. Only the Yankees (517) have walked more this season than the Dodgers (497).

Sure, no hitter likes striking out on a pitch they thought was a ball. But when it happens on a pitch that would have put two guys on with one out in the ninth, in a game in which the Dodgers could have gained ground on the Giants, it’s utterly frustrating.

In the early morning hours Friday, Inside Edge posted research on the most robbed in baseball on called third strikes. Guess who was the top of the list?

It happened again to Corey Seager in the ninth inning Friday, with Mookie Betts on second. Seager represented the tying run and would have walked in the at-bat if it weren’t for an egregious call by home plate umpire, Jim Wolf.

This is just more evidence for the robot ump crowd.

On a completely different note, old friend Joe Pederson was a big reason why the Dodgers even had a chance to gain ground on the Giants in the first place. Check out the grab:

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Grant Brisbee of The Athletic wrote about the history of what the Dodgers and Giants are doing record-wise this season, with a chance at 100 wins each.