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You want me to throw HOW MANY pitches? - Unknown

In the Spring of 2010 I was interviewed (via email) by a Brazilian Dodgers blog,

Here's a link to my Fanshot about it.

Unfortunately, that blog no longer exists on wordpress and I could not find their posting for the interview even in the Internet Wayback Machine, so I cannot grace you with my words translated into Portuguese by Diego Lepre who conducted the interview.

I did find the email in my archives, so here is the interview in English (with some new annotations because they amuse me).

About Season:

- Do you believe in Title 7th of the World Series to Los Angeles Dodgers?
* The Dodgers have been to the NLCS last year and the year before. They have maturing young players and can play in the World Series this year. It is possible they could win the World Series, but I think an American League team such as the Yankees would be more likely to win.
[Ed. Note - Fuck the Giants]

- With mature Kershaw, Billingsley in good shape, you believe that any of them can fight for the CY Young? Or do you think the award back to San Francisco?
* Kershaw and Billingsley could be fantastic this year. I would not be surprised if one or both received Cy Young votes. But Tim Lincecum, Dan Haren and others are also very good pitchers. There may be many good candidates.
[Roy Halladay won the Cy. Only Lincecum got votes (2 points, so either a 9th or two 10ths). Kershaw won the next season.]

- Manny Ramirez may return to be the major player in the early 2000?
* No. Manny is 38 years old. It is unlikely he can be the player he was at age 30. But I think the troubles he had late last season have left and he will have a good year in 2010.
[Manny hit .311/.405/.510/.915 and was waived to the White Sox who picked up his contract.]

- Who can be the holder of the Second Base in 2010? DeWitt or Belliard?
* DeWitt should be the 2B this year. I don't think the coaches believe that Belliard can play the position all year at his age and weight.
[DeWitt did start the most, but only 76 games. Belliard started 20 and was released in early September. The second-most starts at 2B were 50 by Ryan Theriot.]

- Dual Ethier-Kemp may have another wonderful season like in 2009?
* I think Kemp will improve on 2009. Ethier may or may not improve, but he will be good. It will be a fun season for the Dodger OF.
[Kemp played in every game, starting 150 but slumped to a 106 OPS+. Ethier had a 133 OPS+ after two seasons at 132, his peak years. After the three big guns, the next-most playing OFs were Scott Podsednik and Reed Johnson, which was not fun.]

- How will Jonathan Broxton for the season?
* Jonathan Broxton will be great. Tremendous. Excellent.

[He was not great, tremendous, nor excellent. Worst ERA, WHIP, BB/9, K/9 of his full-time Dodgers years. Also had the June 27 game where Joe Torre left him in for 48 pitches while blowing a save to the Yankees, after throwing 19 in 1 1/3 innings the day before, also vs. New York.]

About Town:

- How is the hopes of the fans in LA for the season the Dodgers?
* I think the fans are mixed. Some fans love the young players and believe they will succeed. Other fans think the McCourts have spent too little money and that the team must acquire a big-name pitcher to be able to win in the playoffs.

- How is the Angels-Dodgers rivalry in the city? A kind of Fla-Flu?
* I think Angel fans care more about being better than the Dodgers than Dodger fans care about being better than the Angels. Dodger Stadium is in the city of Los Angeles. Angel Stadium is in the city of Anaheim, not Los Angeles! (I don't know what "Fla-Flu" means.)
[I still don't know.]

- How is a day game at Dodger Stadium?
* I love a day game in Dodger Stadium. It can be hot in the sun, but baseball was designed to be played on a warm, sunny day. The shady seats are excellent! The beer tastes better also. :)
[Still true.]

- How is the relationship of the players with the fans?
* The players seem to like the fans. I have not read any stories about the players having problems with the fans.

- What are the favorite players of fans in Los Angeles?
* Manny remains popular. Ethier has a lot of fans. Kemp has more fans after being with Rihanna!

- As the players act in question "charity" in orphanages and hospitals in LA?
* Players do visit children's hospitals and participate in other charity events. Sometimes it is reported, other times not. Three weeks ago, Matt Kemp hosted an event to raise money for research about autism.

About the Team:
- What are your favorite players in the history of the Dodgers?
* I am not old enough to remember Koufax. My first favorite was Wes Parker. After that, Reggie Smith, Dusty Baker and Ron Cey were favorites. Pedro Guerrero. Mike Piazza. Fernando Valenzuela and Orel Hershiser. My current favorites are Kemp, Kershaw and Billingsley.
[What did I have against Ethier?]

- In the case McCourt, the Dodgers may suffer something on the field?
* I don't think the players and coaches will care about the McCourt divorce case.
[I may have undersold this.]

- Do you trust the managers of the Los Angeles Dodgers?
* I don't always agree with Joe Torre's decisions, but I do not have all the information that he has. Overall, I think he does a good job.
[This probably changed during 2010.]

Other Issues:
- You watch the soccer games?
* I do not follow soccer. What is that guy's name, Ronaldinho? :)

- Outside Baseball, another sport which draws enough attention?
* The most popular team in Los Angeles is the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant is the most popular athlete in the city.
[Not wrong]

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