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September 22 will officially be ‘Tommy Lasorda Day’ in Fullerton

A huge honor to an all-time great

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Tommy Lasorda spent the majority of his life in Fullerton. Now, the city in which he called his home, will honor him. The city of Fullerton declared that September 22 will officially be known as ‘Tommy Lasorda Day’. The 22nd would have been his 94th birthday.

According to CBS Sports, among the events planned is a sister city signing ceremony with the Italian city of Tollo, where Lasorda’s family is from. In addition, the city will also plant an Italian olive tree next to its magnolia, flowering cherry and black pine trees, which symbolize Fullerton’s relationships with its other sister cities of Morelia, Mexico, Fukui, Japan and Yongin, South Korea.

Here is what Fullerton Mayor Bruce Whitaker said in a statement last month:

“The city of Fullerton celebrates Tommy Lasorda, a 68-year resident of southwest Fullerton, a baseball ambassador of worldwide renown, a notable celebrity and highly recognizable personality, member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame who earlier this year, in his own words ‘went to meet the big Dodger in the sky,’”

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