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Jon SooHoo is a giant piece of Dodgers’ history

The Dodgers team photographer has nearly four decades of experience

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers-Workouts Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers team photographer Jon SooHoo is awesome and should be appreciated for his body of work. The MLB website ran a feature article on the man who has captured so much of the Dodgers history this last week and it’s worth a read.

From his days in college to the present, SooHoo is known not only for pictures of the Dodgers but of all the sports teams in Southern California in one way or the other.

Having been around the Dodgers for most of the current run of greatness (2013-present), I have a personal story about SooHoo that will help show how special the man truly is.

Before I had started writing for Valley Bay News and eventually True Blue LA, I had a sports podcast that I thought was going to be a big success. Spoiler alert, there were four episodes total of the podcast before I discontinued it.

In January 2013, I made an effort to go the Baseball Scouts Foundation Dinner so that I could possibly add guests to our episodes. My co-host and I ended up sitting next to SooHoo for dinner and struck up a conversation about breaking into baseball in some sort of way.

By the end of the night, SooHoo got my email address and started forwarding me emails when Dodgers HR would post job openings. The fact I was never hired by the team in any capacity is besides the point.

As the article I linked to above says, SooHoo should be in some kind of Hall of Fame class of photographers.

I actually spotted him working Sunday’s game between the Chargers and Cowboys while the Dodgers were on the road in Cincinnati.

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