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Did the Dodgers underachieve in 2021?

The Dodgers are likely going to play in the Wild Card game

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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A lot can still happen over the final week of the regular season. Entering Monday, the Dodgers will trail the Giants by two games in the NL West race. With six games to go, anything is possible, but the window is shrinking for the Dodgers.

If the Dodgers can’t win the division, they will have to face the St. Louis Cardinals in a one game winner-take-all Wild Card game. Coming off a World Series with arguably the most talented roster in franchise history, there’s a strong chance the Dodgers might not even see the NLDS.

There have been discussions on social media as to whether or not this Dodgers team underachieved this season. Well, after crunching the data, studying analytics and conducting hours and hours in the research lab, I have come up with a conclusion....


The Dodgers have won 100 games for crying out loud. They can win as many as 106. Historically, this is one of the greatest seasons in LA Dodgers history. It’s not their fault the Giants decided to have one of their best seasons as well.

This is a good Dodgers team. A damn good Dodgers team. It’s hard to win 100 games in baseball, and the Dodgers did it yet again this season, even though it doesn’t feel as special considering they’re in second place.

There’s a lot of baseball to be played. Don’t give up hope.

Okay, there’s my motivational speech for your Monday morning. Finish up that cup of coffee and have a great day at work!


  • does a FAQ in regards to questions surrounding the Dodgers/Giants entering the final week of the season
  • ICYMI: It’s been shared a few times in the comments, but in case you missed it, here’s an interesting piece from Jim Bowden of The Athletic as he talks about many potential offseason moves for the Dodgers (Justin Verlander to LA???)