#SaveEli: Return to the Journey's End: Finale.

Opening Title Crawl

The trade deadline concluded! Defying preseason expectations, the classic rivalry between the LOS ANGELES DODGERS and SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS will come to head in one last showdown the first weekend of September. But this story was never about them....

ELIDELAJANDRO and ADRIC THE ADIPOSE have been all over the world together, and have been to twenty-one games in eleven different cities this season. ELI started this journey trying to overcome heartbreak and a melancholy that he just could not shake. ELI vowed to seize the day more often after being vaccinated for COVID-19, but he realized that something was missing while following the DODGERS.

ELI realized that he needed to share his love of DODGERS baseball and has spent the months of July and September inviting family members to enjoy. In their final adventure of the season, ELI and ADRIC will travel to ST. LOUIS, LOS ANGELES, and CINCINNATI.

With this adventure, ELI can finally rest and focus on the JUNIOR CIRCUIT...

Change in plans:

I got Cat's in the Cradled. It's not worth discussing at this point.


Here's the schedule:

July 28: Dodgers 8, Giants 0. (Media from 7/28)

July 29, Giants 5, Dodgers 0 (Media from 7/29)

September 4: Dodgers 6. Giants 1. (Media from 9/4)

September 7: Fly to St. Louis, Dodgers 7, Cardinals 2 (Media from 9/7)

September 8:

BONUS: Tour of Busch Stadium (The Tour); Tour of Cardinals Museum (The Museum)

Cardinals 5, Dodgers 4 (Media from 9/8)

September 9: Cardinals 2, Dodgers 1. (Media from 9/9)

September 10: Fly to Los Angeles; Dodgers 5, Padres 4. (Media from 9/11)

September 13: BONUS: Tour of Dodger Stadium. (The Tour and AR Dugout Experience)

Dodgers 5, D-Backs 1. (Media from 9/13)

September 15: Dodgers 5, D-Backs 3. (Media from 9/15)

September 16: Fly to Cincinnati

September 17. Reds 3, Dodgers 1. (Media from 9/17)

September 18: Dodgers 5, Reds 1. (Media from 9/18)

September 19: Return to San Francisco, End of SaveEli:Return to the Journey's End.

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