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It’s Albert Pujols week

We’re all just happy to be here, plus Scherzer was a good get, and Bellinger vs. Beaty.

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MLB: JUL 24 Rockies at Dodgers
LA Dodgers Albert Pujols on July 24, 2021.

Y’all… with the additions of Scherzer and Trea Turner, it’s perhaps been a little sidelined before this week that in 2021, ALBERT PUJOLS WEARS A DODGERS UNIFORM. But this week is all about LA’s favorite Tío. As Chris Taylor said earlier this year, Pujols “cheers for his teammates more than anyone… he’s more happy for you than you are for yourself.” He’s giving away bats and balls to kids in the stands.

He’s hugging his teammates after THEIR home runs.

He’s stealing bases at 41.

He’s hitting his own home runs, in St. Louis, IN A DODGERS UNIFORM (last night was #679).

He’s seemingly always smiling and is a living, breathing version of the expression “just happy to be here.” That energy was part of the reason the Dodgers wanted him in their clubhouse. And can you blame them? He’s a legend:

And so, there’s been lots of talk about where Pujols will play next year — if he plays at all — though some seem pretty confident he’s not done yet. For the record, he’s the oldest active player in MLB this year at 41 years, and 230-something odd days. Right behind him? Rich Hill.

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