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Dodgers rename Spanish-language press box booth after Jaime Jarrín

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Legendary Hall of Fame Dodgers broadcaster Jaime Jarrín was honored before Saturday night’s game at Dodger Stadium, during the final regular season series of Jarrín’s 64-year career.

During the ceremony, Dodgers president Stan Kasten said Jarrín, though he wouldn’t be calling games any longer, “will continue to represent the Dodgers as part of our family for years to come.”

Kasten also announced that the Spanish-language booth at Dodger Stadium that Jarrín has called home for six decades will now bear his name, the “Jaime Jarrín Spanish Broadcast Booth.”

Here’s the entire hour-long ceremony, in case you missed it.

Among the speakers were U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and LA City Councilman Gil Cedillo, along with Jarrín’s longtime broadcast partners Pepe Yniguez and Fernando Valenzuela.

The most stirring speech came from actor Edward James Olmos (which starts at roughly 41:15 of that video).

“This is a celebration for one of the greatest human beings that’s ever graced this stadium,” Olmos said. “He and Vin Scully have given us their lives, and both deserve us to understand the sacrifices that their families had to give.”

Olmos explained that in the early years of Jarrín’s career, after the displacement of Mexican and other Latino families to get Dodger Stadium built, Jarrín was called many names for associating the team. But with Jarrín’s commitment as a unifying force, and eventually with the arrival of Valenzuela, Latinos were reconnected to the ballpark.

Other players and fellow broadcasters left video messages for Jarrín, which are compiled here:

In his own speech, Jarrín expressed gratitude to the fans, his family, and various others. In mentioning Dave Roberts, who along with several Dodgers players were watching from he third base dugout, Jarrín said, “I know you are going to conduct us to the World Series, and to win the World Series.”