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The automated ball-strike system has been successfully used in the Arizona Fall League

Jasson Dominguez of the Yankees overturned a strike call

Scottsdale Scorpions v. Mesa Solar Sox Photo by Jill Weisleder/MLB Photos via Getty Images

In that spot between the end of the playoffs and start of the offseason, links related to the Dodgers are either scarce or rehashed from the last few days. But there are some other links from around the league that we can take a peak at.

We start in the Arizona Fall League where Yankees’ prospect Jasson Dominguez successfully used the automated ball-strike (ABS) system to challenge a strike call. In a preview of what that looks like, you can see the video in a post by MLB’s David Adler. The action happened earlier in the month.

Over at FiveThirtyEight, Neil Paine broke down the disparity between the American and National League side of the playoffs. Of course, he also points out that the Padres beating the Dodgers was the biggest upset in NLDS history, so there’s that.

I couldn’t create a links post without including something Dodger specific, so here is Dustin Nosler over at Dodgers Digest on the conundrum that is Cody Bellinger and Juan Toribio at Dodgers dot com writing about what we learned from the Dodgers in 2022.