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Dodgers full postseason shares for 2022 worth $36,148 each

NLDS: Dodgers vs Padres

Major League Baseball unveiled the 2022 postseason shares, the pool for which this year included two extra teams in the playoffs and an expanded wild card round. Full postseason shares for Dodgers players this year was $36,148.

Per the collective bargaining agreement, the players’ postseason pool is derived from gate receipts for every single round. Going from two wild card games to four wild card series of three games each added to the total, with this year’s $107.5-million total pool up 18.8 percent from $90.5 million in 2021.

The pool gets split up as follows: 36 percent to the World Series winner (this year, the Astros), 24 percent to team that lost the World Series (Phillies), 12 percent to each LCS runner-up (Yankees, Padres), 3.25 percent to each LDS losing team (Dodgers, Braves, Guardians, Mariners), and 0.75 percent to each wild card series losing team (Mets, Cardinals, Rays, Blue Jays).

The Dodgers’ total pool came out to $3,494,102. They distributed 82 full shares valued at $36,148 apiece, plus 13.24 partial shares and a total of $51,501 in cash awards. Near the end of the season, players vote on who gets what, but considering we have 64 player reviews planned for 2022 and that the Dodgers had 51 players play for them last season, several others were voted to receive full shares.

Here’s a look at the Dodgers’ postseason pools from the last decade.

Dodgers postseason pools, 2013-2022

Year Total player pool Dodgers finish LA pool LA full share amount LA full shares
Year Total player pool Dodgers finish LA pool LA full share amount LA full shares
2013 $62,683,967 lost NLCS $7,522,076 $108,037 58
2014 $62,026,462 lost NLDS $2,015,860 $31,543 54
2015 $69,882,149 lost NLDS $2,271,170 $34,169 48
2016 $76,627,827 lost NLCS $9,195,339 $123,741 65
2017 $84,500,432 lost WS $20,280,104 $259,722 65
2018 $88,188,633 lost WS $21,165,272 $262,027 67
2019 $80,861,146 lost NLDS $2,627,987 $32,428 60
2020 $50,000,000 won WS $18,000,000 unknown unknown
2021 $90,468,645 lost NLCS $10,856,437 $112,701 80
2022 $107,500,000 lost NLDS $3,494,102 $36,148 82
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The exact total and breakdown of the 2020 postseason pool is unknown, except for that the total players’ portion was at least $50 million.