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Is it time to move on from the 2017 disaster?

Despite it happening five years ago, it’s hard for Dodger fans to put Houston’s 2017 scandal behind us.

MLB: Houston Astros-Championship Parade Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

2017 feels like ages ago. Many of the Dodgers’ most impactful players from that playoff run; Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, Kenley Jansen, Yasiel Puig and Kiké Hernandez, are no longer with the club.

That being said, it’s really tough not to think about it when the Astros are back in the World Series, playing on the game’s biggest stage. Similar to the Dodgers, Houston’s roster looks much different. George Springer, Carlos Correa, both gone. Is it time to move on?

Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times argues no. Give ‘em hell. It’s clear that Dodger fans haven’t forgotten. At this year’s All-Star Game, the fans let the Houston representatives hear it, loud and clear.

Here’s my very honest opinion: Everyone should be pissed. Did the Astros “steal” a World Series from the Dodgers? Yes. But should they have been there in the first place? It’s clear the 2017 Astros had all the talent in the world and probably did not need to put an elaborate cheating scheme in place to give them an upper hand. But they did, and that will forever raise a bunch of questions.

If the Astros don’t cheat their way to the World Series, do they get there? As a fan, I feel robbed of what could’ve been a historic series between the Dodgers and the Yankees. So I’m with Plaschke. Yes the team is different than it was in 2017, different people are at the helm, but I want the Phillies to outplay and outperform Houston in every single aspect... getting no-hit doesn’t help the cause.

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