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Julio Urías & Dave Roberts up for awards

Checking the top 3 for NL Cy Young, Manager of the Year & MVP

San Diego Padres v. Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

While we wait on some pending Dodgers roster news, Tuesday morning’s Leading Off with True Blue LA podcast takes a look at award season.

Julio Urías and Dave Roberts will finish in the top three in their respective awards from the BBWAA — National League Cy Young for Urías and NL Manager of the Year for Roberts. Those results will be announced next week.

So will the results for National League MVP. No Dodgers were among the top three finishers for that award, but Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts, and Trea Turner figure to have gotten some support.

None of the four Dodgers option decisions have been made yet, but some option news has been trickling in across MLB, including Jacob deGrom, Carlos Correa, Xander Bogaers, and Carlos Rodón opting out of their contracts to become free agents.

All that plus a look at Trea Turner’s hype video, the Hall of Fame contemporary era ballot, how the new MLB draft lottery will work, and more on today’s episode.

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