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What would a Juan Soto trade to the Dodgers look like?

Let’s have some fun.

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve reached the point of the lockout where we speculate about players who aren’t even close to being free agents. But hey, why not.

The other day, ESPN reported Juan Soto turned down a 13-year, $350 million extension the Nationals proposed to him before the lockout.

First off, imagine turning down that much money? I sure wish I had the luxury of that. Second, I firmly believe Soto will receive a contract north of $500 million when he’s eligible for a brand new deal.

With him turning down the offer and apparently not being willing to discuss a contract extension until he’s a free agent, it got me thinking. If the Nationals were to theoretically trade him and get something in return as opposed to losing him for nothing, what would a package look like?

I’m not saying the Nationals are going to trade him. I’m also not saying the Dodgers would pull off a trade. But for the fun of this article, what would a potential package even look like to pull that off?

Again, this is all for fun so let’s keep it civil. Let us know in the comment section what your offer would look like if you were the general manager of the Dodgers.