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Saturday’s meeting between MLBPA and MLB sounded like a disaster

The regular season is in jeopardy of being delayed

MLB: Contract Negotiations The Palm Beach Post-USA TODAY NETWORK

In order for the regular season to start on time, both the MLBPA and MLB will need to reach an agreement by Monday. After hearing about what went down in Florida today, that appears to be in serious jeopardy and seems doubtful at this point.

According to multiple reports, today’s meeting between both sides didn’t go well, with the players reportedly being outraged and furious.

The players lowered their proposal for the luxury tax by $2 million annually in each year from 2023-24, but both sides remain far apart as the owners responded by moving from $214 million to $215 million in 2023.

The union made a huge change in their proposal, as they dropped to 35 percent from 75 percent for the percentage of players with two to three years of major league service who would become eligible for salary arbitration. Although they dropped 40 percent, Major League Baseball didn’t budge, as they say they will not move from the current 22 percent.

There was also no change to minimum salary or pre-arbitration bonus pool proposals for either side.

Yesterday, it appeared as if both sides were at least making progress in regards to the draft lottery. Well, things went in the opposite direction today.

Jesse Rogers also reported that the league tweaked the penalty structure for CBT. Originally, it was 50 percent on first threshold. Now it’s down to 45 percent. The second threshold was 75 percent, now it’s down to 62 percent. Third threshold was 100 percent tax, now it’s down to 95 percent. With that being said, the union still feels the tax is way too much.

In regards to what is next, there is no meeting that has been immediately scheduled for Sunday between MLB and MLBPA. According to Evan Drellich of The Athletic, players plan to discuss their next move.

If there’s anything positive to take away from the meetings today, there’s this.