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Report: Dodgers sign former MVP Freddie Freeman to contract

The Dodgers make a major splash in free agency by signing one of the best first basemen in all of baseball

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

With the departure of Corey Seager, the Dodgers were in desperate need of an impact left-handed bat in the lineup. Well, it looks like they got a pretty good one.

According to reports, the Dodgers have signed free agent Freddie Freeman to a contract.

Talks started picking up last Friday night when Jon Morosi tweeted saying the Dodgers were making a strong push for Freeman. He also added that the sides would remain in contact on towards on a deal that could bring the reigning World Series champ home to his native California.

Talks were quiet, but on Monday morning, Atlanta traded for Freeman’s replacement in Matt Olson, so it was just a matter of time until Freeman chose his new home.

Well, things took a lot longer than expected, as a number of teams appeared to be in the Freeman sweepstakes. In the end, he chose the Dodgers.

On Wednesday, Freeman said goodbye to Atlanta in an Instagram post.

During the lockout, there was a lot of chatter surrounding Freeman and the Dodgers being a potential match. The Braves and the former MVP appeared to be at odds in regards to a contract extension, so his departure from Atlanta seemed like a real possibility.

While speaking with reporters on March 11, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was asked about his club potentially adding Freeman. “I would love to see Freddie Freeman in a Dodgers uniform,” Roberts said with a smile. “Who wouldn’t? He’s a heck of a player.”

When asked on MLB Network on Wednesday his level of interest in Freeman, Andrew Friedman smiled wildly and said, “He is a really, really, good baseball player.”

In February, Hall of Famer Chipper Jones spoke on the radio about Freeman and shared his thoughts on the entire situation. He provided some very eye-opening statements about the situation that was going on, making it seem like Freeman leaving Atlanta was a real possibility.

“I don’t know, I haven’t talked to Freddie in quite some time, but I’m sure he’s probably a little frustrated this wasn’t done in Spring Training last year. But the fact of the matter is we didn’t have any fans in the stands. We’ve got owners that didn’t know where revenue was going to be at the end of the year and maybe held out a little bit. The bottom line is, Freddie I believe before it’s all said and done will be playing where he wants to play. I know he’s a West Coast guy. I know he has a home here in Atlanta. But Freddie, if he wants to play for the Atlanta Braves, will be playing for the Atlanta Braves. I’ll leave it at that.”

“The Braves have made some offers, didn’t make him happy. He’s being courted by some of the prettiest girls on the block right now, he’s gonna listen to them.”

Freeman is a local kid, as he was born in Villa Park and went to high school in Orange. Not only does he get to return home, he gets a well-deserved pay-day.

If you follow baseball in the slightest, you’d already know Freeman is one of the best first basemen in all of baseball. In case you didn’t know that, well — here’s a link to his Baseball Reference page. I highly recommend you check it out.

Back in December, AM 570 host Dave Vassegh said on his show that after Corey Seager chose to sign with the Rangers, three current Dodgers texted him to say they wanted Freeman in blue. Last week, Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy joined Vassegh’s show and also expressed his interest in Freeman joining the Dodgers.

“I think it’s awesome,” Muncy said. “Imagine how dangerous we’d be if we get him in that lineup. It makes me really excited.”

Although the Dodgers lost an incredible talent in Seager, they did arguably the best job you could do in replacing his bat in the lineup.

Oh, and No. 5 is currently available as well.