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Dave Roberts on the 2022 Dodgers: ‘We are winning the World Series this year’

Roberts called his shot on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday

World Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Six Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was a guest Thursday morning on the Dan Patrick Show, and was asked by the host to complete a thought.

“The Dodgers will win the World Series if ...,” Patrick said.

“We play a full season, and there is a postseason,” Roberts answered immediately.

The direct answer seemed to catch Patrick off guard, and he got Roberts to expand a bit.

“We are winning the World Series in 2022. I know where you’re going with that,” Roberts said. “We will win the World Series this year, put it on record.”

It’s worth noting that Roberts is an eternal optimist, and always believes his team will win the World Series. He’s said as much in team meetings, even the parts that were shared on social media. That’s just how Roberts thinks and operates.

But he’s usually not this — I’m not sure boastful is the right word, but Roberts is clearly aware of the sky-high expectations that come with his job, especially after the Dodgers made the huge splash to sign Freddie Freeman, giving them an incredible lineup.

This wasn’t exactly the same as when, during the 1987 NBA championship parade, head coach Pat Riley guaranteed the Lakers would win the title again the next season. That not only caught everyone off guard, including Riley’s players, but also was something that hadn’t been done in the NBA in nearly two decades.

Roberts did eventually give Patrick an answer as to how the Dodgers would win the 2022 championship.

“But to answer your question, we are winning the World Series if — if our starting staff stays healthy. I know that’s vague, but that’s my answer,” Roberts added. “I think it’s about starting pitching. Just keeping our guys healthy.”

After the Dodgers tie with the Rockies on Thursday, Roberts was asked by reporters in Arizona about his claim on Patrick’s show.

“I believe in this organization,” Roberts said, per Jack Harris of the Los Angeles Times. “I believe we’re going to put ourselves in that position. And we gotta finish it this year.”