What I'm seeing from Cody Bellinger

A lot of hand-wringing has been done over Cody Bellinger's start to spring training. As of this writing he has 15 K's in 22 AB's. There is a lot going on with his swing and I've heard several attempts at explaining what’s wrong from experts (including a 5-minute explanation from Sean Casey on MLB Network saying he is too "North-South" whatever that means). However, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills because the core issue seems pretty simple to me. He's late.

What I mean by "late" is the ball is on top of him before he is really ready to swing. This means he is often late on a fastball, but it also means he is not allowing himself enough time to read breaking balls. Also, because he is trying to speed everything up to catch up to the ball, it can also lead to some downstream impacts in his swing.

This can be illustrated pretty clearly in a couple photos. The first is from a home run early in his MVP season of 2019 off peak Josh Hader.