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2022 Dodgers gift guide for Father’s Day

Here are some Dodgers gifts for your dad or grandfather

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Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 19.

And if you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, Target has a selection of Dodgers merchandise that you can choose from. Here I present five choices from them to get you started.

Dodgers Eriksen Hat: $17.99

Pictured above at the top of the article, who wouldn’t want to sport this hat. It’s a clean alternative look for hat lovers everywhere and perfect for a hot summer day.

Like puzzles? “Find Joe Journeyman” puzzle: $19.99

Sort of like the “Where’s Waldo” searches, you can put this puzzle together and find “Joe Journeyman.” 500 pieces, and these are always fun.

For grilling...Dodgers Classic 3-piece BBQ set: $49.99

Make those burgers and dogs to perfection while showing off the best team in baseball. Summer is grilling season so make sure he does it in style.

Minimalist Champions 2020 Framed Wall Poster: $64.99

Celebrate the Dodgers recent success with a really cool piece of art to hang in the house. It looks good anywhere in the house, especially the room you watch your Dodgers in.

Men’s Short Sleeve Athleisure T-Shirt: $22.99

This is a good looking shirt to give you that smooth look when you get to the stadium for a game or hanging out with friends.

There are a lot of other ideas for your dad or grandpa for Father’s Day, and this selection should give you a head start on finding something for the holiday. Happy shopping!