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Dodgers could chase franchise record in run differential

Los Angeles Angels v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

This type of post comes on a day that’s short in links posts to talk about. Though it would seem like a hot streak for the Dodgers with a healthy Mookie Betts would be a better time to talk about it, a stretch of 18 games with seven wins and 11 losses felt more convenient.

MLB Record and Dodger Franchise Record

Team Through 65 games Final Run Differential Total Games
Team Through 65 games Final Run Differential Total Games
1939 Yankees +211 +411 152
1889 Dodgers +102 +289* 140
2019 Dodgers +108 +273 162
2021 Dodgers +91 +269 162
2022 Dodgers +114 ? 162
*= Discrepancy between totals within baseball reference

A high run differential takes both a good pitching staff and an above-average offense. The combination of the two are something found in playoff teams. The Dodgers had a record pace going for run differential before this rough patch in their season and they still may break their franchise record despite the current slump.

Run differential for the uninitiated is the difference between runs scored and runs given up.

I know you’re thinking it’s obvious that a good team would have a fantastic run differential. You’re absolutely right, but I’m only interested in terms of where the Dodgers land historically at the end of the year after a big deal was made of the offense having a chance to do some major damage on a nightly basis.

As you can see on the list, they have more than a good shot of breaking the franchise mark. But you can also see the major league record is absolutely unreachable. I only included the Yankees as an example of the MLB record. Speaking of Yankees, the 2022 version of the Bombers has a run differential of +145.


J.P. Hoornstra talked about Yency Almonte’s revival out of the Dodger bullpen for the Southern California News Group.