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Dodgers introduce ‘Club Dub’ in clubhouse to celebrate wins

DJ Mookie on the turntables

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New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

It would figure that this would be posted on a night following a loss but the Dodgers discovered a way to move on from the Pirates sweep earlier this week by introducing “Club Dub” in the clubhouse after wins.

“When Mookie first signed here, he had talked about bringing his (turn)tables in and DJing in the clubhouse,” Turner said to OC Register’s Bill Plunkett.

“I remembered that he had mentioned that in ‘20. Then Covid and everything happened and it didn’t happen. So when I started ordering all this stuff, I asked if he would bring his tables in and he was like, ‘Absolutely.’ Now he says he’s going to teach me how to DJ so I can do it.”

This form of celebration should get plenty of use since the team won’t play Pittsburgh again this season.