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Dodgers vs. Giants Game VI chat

Action and features from Major League Baseball All-Star game at Dodger Stadium. Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Dodgers return from the break with a four-game series at home against the Giants.

Mitch White will take the ball for the Dodgers against talented southpaw Carlos Ródon in the first game of the series.

Dodgers-Giants lineups

Pos Giants Pos Dodgers
Pos Giants Pos Dodgers
DH Wade (L) RF Betts
1B Belt (L) SS Turner
2B Flores 1B Freeman (L)
LF Pederson (L) C Smith
3B Longoria DH Turner
RF González (L) 2B Alberto
SS Estrada 3B Muncy (L)
CF Yastrezemski (L) LF Thompson
C Wynns CF Bellinger (L)
Mitch White vs. Carlos Ródon on the mound

Game info

  • Teams: Dodgers (60-30) at Giants (48-43)
  • Pitchers: Mitch White vs Carlos Ródon
  • Location: Dodger Stadium
  • Time: 7:09 p.m. PT
  • TV: ESPN