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Dodgers draft picks sharing the signing of their first pro contracts

The deadline for signing players from the 2022 MLB Draft is Monday, which usually at least for the first 10 rounds is almost an academic exercise. The Dodgers haven’t yet officially announced any signings, but through reporting or players posting on Instagram, the Dodgers have signed nine players so far, including six of their top nine picks.

Five of the signing bonuses are known, at least through Monday night, but I have to be honest. That doesn’t matter much any more. There’s no real threat of any team spending beyond five percent over their bonus pool, which would trigger the loss of future draft picks. Many of the picks in the first 10 rounds are relatively low bonuses to free up more money elsewhere.

Thus far, the largest reported bonus by the Dodgers is $600,000 for Logan Wagner, a high school infielder who had a commitment to Louisville. Jim Callis at reported his bonus, and Wagner himself announced on Instagram that he signed.

Jared Karros, a right-handed pitcher out of UCLA drafted in the 16th round and son of Eric Karros, announced that he signed as well.

We’ve been keeping track of who signs on the draft tracker, and it would be a surprise if one of the first nine picks does not ink a deal. Of the four known bonuses in the first 10 rounds, the Dodgers are $96,200 below their bonus pool, but again, given the Dodgers recent history we pretty much know where this will end up.

I am a sucker for pictures of players posting pictures of signing their first professional contracts. It’s one of the most important moments in their professional lives, and the backdrop is usually the same room, usually at Dodger Stadium and sometimes in Arizona.

So let’s look at some of those photos shared online in the last few days.

IF Alex Freeland (3rd round) & SS Christopher Campos (7th)

2B Taylor Young (8th) & LHP Brandon Neeck (9th)

RHP Payton Martin (17th) & OF Chris Alleyne (19th)