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Dodgers struggle with replay challenges this season

Roberts has only had seven of 20 replay challenges go his way.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

For Dave Roberts, challenging calls has been, well, a challenge. As of Friday’s game, he’d been successful on seven out of 20 calls, ranking 28th out of 32 major league managers. He also asks for replay challenges often — his 20 attempts are tied for fifth in the majors.

Many of those requests are risky. Roberts used his one-challenge-per-game in the first inning against the Pirates on May 11 and promptly lost it for the rest of the game. Last week, he went for an early challenge again — this time in the second inning — and was left without for the rest of the game when it didn’t get overturned.

Roberts says that the new 20-second window to ask for a challenge, down from 30 seconds last year, is hindering his replay team’s ability to get a definitive look at a play. Fewer camera angles available in non-national TV games are also a concern.

“We’re working through it,” Roberts said. “But ultimately, I make the decision to challenge or not challenge. I haven’t been very good.”

Jack Harris at the Los Angeles Times has more etails.

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