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Dodgers vs. Giants Game X chat

Los Angeles Dodgers v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Dodgers and Giants begin a four-game series in San Francisco. James Outman makes a second straight start after Sunday’s terrific debut, this time in left field. He’s one of six Dodgers left-handers in the lineup against Giants right-hander Logan Webb.

Similarly, the Giants have seven right-handed batters set to face Dodgers lefty Andrew Heaney, who as Jon Weisman pointed out earlier Monday, is about to face his first National League West foe since joining the Dodgers.

Pregame reading & listening

Dodgers-Giants lineups

Pos Dodgers Pos Giants
Pos Dodgers Pos Giants
RF Betts 1B Ruf
SS Turner CF Slater
1B Freeman (L) DH Mercedes
C Smith 2B Flores
DH Lamb (L) LF González (L)
2B Lux (L) 3B Villar
3B Muncy (L) SS Machado
CF Bellinger (L) C Bart
LF Outman (L) RF Yastrzemski (L)
Andrew Heaney vs. Logan Webb on the mound

Game info

  • Teams: Dodgers (68-33) at Giants (51-51)
  • Pitchers: Andrew Heaney vs. Logan Webb
  • Location: Oracle Park, San Francisco
  • Time: 6:45 p.m. PT
  • TV: SportsNet LA