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Dodgers wins record tracker: Game 141

Checking in on the NL West champs

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Dodgers on Tuesday night clinched their ninth National League West crown in ten years, and in doing so captured their 98th win of the season. That keeps them in prime position to set a few franchise records, and potentially even make National League and/or MLB history as well.

Best Dodgers record

The Dodgers through Tuesday are 98-43, which means they only need to finish 9-12 to pass the 2019 and 2021 Los Angeles teams for most wins (106) in a season.

Going by winning percentage, the top two Dodgers records over a full season are by a pair of Brooklyn teams. In 1899, the Superbas finished 101-47 (.6824), and in 1953 the Dodgers were 105-49 (.6818). We are setting aside the 43-17 (.717) team in 2020 since the season was shortened to just 60 games.

This year’s Dodgers have a .695 winning percentage through 141 games, a pace to win 113 games. To beat the 1899 and 1953 teams, LA this year needs 111 wins, which would require a 13-8 finish.

National League & MLB records

Portrait of American baseball players, from left, Bill Abstein (1883 - 1940), Ed Abbaticchio (1877 - 1957), Dots Miller (1886 - 1923, and Chief Wilson (1883 - 1954), all of the Pittsburgh Pirates, pose on the field at West Side Grounds, Chicago, Illinois, 1909.
The 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates were the last National League team to win more than 108 games. The 2022 Dodgers have a chance to join them.
Photo by Chicago History Museum/Getty Images

The major league record for wins in a season is 116, set by the 1906 Cubs and matched by the 2001 Mariners. The Dodgers have been winning at an incredible pace, but it would take a frantic finish to even match those 116-win juggernauts. LA has to go 18-3 over the final 21 games to get to 116 wins, so it’s still technically possible, just not likely.

A more realistic achievement for the 2022 Dodgers is keeping up anywhere close to their current pace of 113 wins, which would leave a mark on National League history.

In the history of the NL, only four teams have won at least 108 games:

1906 Cubs: 116-36
1909 Pirates: 110-42
1975 Reds 108-54
1986 Mets 108-54

The last National League team with more than 108 wins was Pittsburgh 113 years ago. The Dodgers would need to finish 11-10 to get to 109 victories.