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Dodgers are National League West champs, again

Clayton Kershaw won the clincher with 7 scoreless innings

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Dodgers won their ninth division title in 10 years, but I start Wednesday’s Leading Off with True Blue LA podcast with a mea culpa, for mistakenly referring to Chip ‘n’ Dale as mice rather than chipmunks in my haste to relay the hilarious Cody Bellinger/Chippendale story on Tuesday’s podcast.

But after the rodent discussion, there’s a look back at Clayton Kershaw pitching seven scoreless innings in the fourth division-clincher in his career, and how the Dodgers backed him with home runs from Joey Gallo, Freddie Freeman, and Max Muncy.

I also shared why I think this is the best Dodgers team during their decade-long postseason run, and despite various setbacks are as well built to withstand adversity as any Dodgers team of my lifetime.

That, plus some wonder into just who might be in Wednesday’s starting lineup, pining for the “old” days of full 40-man-roster Septembers, and what the plans for Michael Grove might be over the next week or so.

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