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Guessing the Dodgers playoff roster

Four weeks until the NLDS

MLB: San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Dodgers have clinched the National League West, it’s time for us to predict the postseason roster for Los Angeles with just under four weeks to go until the Division Series. On this week’s The Lineup with True Blue LA podcast, Jacob and Eric take their stabs at guessing the 26 active players come October 11.

On the position player side, things are rather easy, with 14 active players vying for 13 spots. If everyone is healthy, this comes down to Hanser Alberto vs. Miguel Vargas for the final spot, and we talk through the chances for both.

Pitching is more chaotic, with five October hopefuls currently on the injured list. Still, we agreed on ten pitchers, and tried to sort out who will be healthy enough and pitching well enough to take the final three spots.

That, plus loads of trivia, and lots of hot sandwich talk that made us all hungry. Enjoy!

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