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Dodgers wins record tracker: Game 142

The 2022 Dodgers are looking to put their names in the history books.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Although the single-season MLB wins record may be all but out of the question, the Dodgers are still in very good shape to break some franchise records, as well as finish with the best National League record in over a century. Here’s how the boys in blue shape up against some of the game’s best single seasons through 142 games.

Best Dodgers record

After losing last night’s contest, the Dodgers are currently 98-44. The current single season Dodger wins record sits at 106 wins set by the 2019 team and later matched by the 2021 team. In order to tie the record, the NL West champions will need to go 8-12 the rest of the way.

If the Dodgers want to break the record, they will need to go 9-11 over the final twenty games of the season. Sounds like this should be an easy task, but now that the division has been clinched, lineups may start to look a bit different. Dodger fans got their first glimpse of this last night, as Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, Freddie Freeman, and Justin Turner all got the night off.

In terms of finishing with the highest winning percentage in franchise history and surpassing the 1899 and 1953 teams, the Dodgers will need to win 111 games, requiring a 13-7 finish to end the regular season.

National League & MLB records

The MLB record for wins in a season (116) was set in 1906 by the Chicago Cubs and then tied in 2001 by the Seattle Mariners. The Dodgers are really, really good, but in order to catch these two historically great teams, Los Angeles needs to go 18-2 over their final twenty games.

Now I’m not saying it’s impossible, but don’t count on this one. Winning eighteen of twenty is an incredibly tough task, and given the Dodgers’ place in the standings, going all out to chase a record makes zero sense. The front office, Dave Roberts, and the Dodger players have far greater goals in mind.

For what it’s worth, neither the 1906 Cubs or 2001 Mariners won the World Series that year.

No National League team has won more than 108 games since the Pirates in 1909, and the Dodgers have a realistic shot to be the first team to reach that number in 113 years.

The Dodgers currently have 98 wins and need to go 10-10 over their final twenty games to reach 108 wins. If they do so, they would be the fifth NL team ever to reach that number.