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Dodgers vs. Giants Game XVII chat

Dustin May vs. Logan Webb on the mound in the opener

Los Angeles Dodgers v Miami Marlins Photo by Bryan Cereijo/Getty Images

The Dodgers begin their final 2022 series against the Giants, with the first of three games at Oracle Park in San Francisco this weekend.

Dodgers-Giants lineups

Pos Dodgers Pos Giants
Pos Dodgers Pos Giants
RF Betts CF Yastrzemski (L)
SS Turner 1B Flores
1B Freeman (L) LF Pederson (L)
C Smith 3B Villar
DH Muncy (L) SS Crawford (L)
3B Turner 2B Estrada
LF Gallo (L) DH Calhoun (L)
2B Taylor C Bart
CF Bellinger (L) RF González (L)
Dustin May vs. Logan Webb on the mound.

Game info

  • Teams: Dodgers (98-44) at Giants (69-74)
  • Pitchers: Dustin May vs. Logan Webb
  • Location: Oracle Park, San Francisco
  • Time: 7:15 p.m. PT
  • TV: Apple TV+