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Dodgers wins record tracker: Game 149

Dodgers fall on Wednesday night

MLB: Game Two-Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles Dodgers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers fell to Madison Bumgarner and the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday night, giving the boys in blue a record of 103-46 with just thirteen games to play.

Although making MLB history is all but out of the question, the Dodgers are still in great shape to set some franchise records as well as make National League history.

Best Dodgers record

At this point, this is the record that the Dodgers are chasing, and they should get there. The franchise record for wins in a single season is 106 games set by the 2019 team and matched by the 2021 team. In order to beat that record and set a new record of 107 wins, the Dodgers must finish 4-9 or better.

If the Dodgers want to set a record for the highest winning percentage in franchise history, they must get to 111 wins, requiring them to finish 8-5 or better.

National League history

After losing to Arizona last night, it is officially mathematically impossible for the Dodgers to set a new MLB single-season wins record. However, if they miraculously run the table and finish 13-0, they will tie the 1906 Cubs and 2001 Mariners for the best single-season record of all time with 116 wins.

Despite the single-season wins record being a ridiculously long-shot, the Dodgers have a very good chance at making National League history. No NL team in the last 113 years has won more than 108 games. Only four teams in the history of the NL have won at least 108 games in a season, the last being the 1986 Mets:

  • 1906 Cubs: 116-36
  • 1909 Pirates: 110-42
  • 1975 Reds 108-54
  • 1986 Mets 108-54

If the Dodgers finish 6-7, they’ll be the first National League team in 113 years to win more than 108 games.