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Dodgers play of the week: Joey Gallo’s game-ending dive

Joey Gallo said “Game over” with his running dive, and Trea Turner showed off his hops this week.

St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Joey Gallo was ready to go home.

In the top of the ninth against the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday, Dylan Carlson popped a fly ball to left center field. It was no match for Joey Gallo, who sped in from the corner and made a Superman-style dive and slide to end the game.

Pitcher Andre Jackson appreciatively tipped his cap, and the Dodgers secured a 4-1 win to end the series.

Honorable Mention

This is less of an honorable mention and more of such a a close call for this week’s title that we’re just throwing it all at you. Trea Turner also had a banner week with some smooth moves of his own, starting with a running slide-and-toss against Arizona that looked like it came straight from the base paths.

Turner continued the acrobatics on Wednesday night against the Padres with a hop, skip, and a jump to start the bottom of the second off right.

If the Dodgers keep this up, they’ll be dancing ballet on the outfield grass before the World Series.