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Radio host retracts claim regarding Freddie Freeman’s departure from Atlanta

Los Angeles Dodgers v. New York Mets Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

An ancillary loose end stemming from Freddie Freeman’s exit from the Braves and his subsequent return to Atlanta, has been closed.

Freeman’s former agent, Casey Close of Excel Sports, filed suit in July against Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb, who tweeted on June 29, “Casey Close never told Freddie Freeman about the Braves final offer, that is why Freeman fired him.”

Gottlieb on Wednesday took his hand out of the cookie jar long enough to write a statement saying that he’s apologized to Close.

“While I always strive to report accurate information, I prematurely reported on these events and I simply got it wrong,” Gottlieb said in his statement. “Upon further vetting of my sources, a review of the lawsuit filed against me in this matter, and a direct conversation with Casey himself, I have learned the conduct I alleged did not occur and that there is no credible basis for stating that it did.”

The retraction from Gottlieb, in addition to deleting his original tweet, seems to have ended the legal proceedings in this affair, with Close and Excel Sports releasing a statement shortly after Gottlieb.

“From the onset, we were clear that Mr. Gottlieb’s tweet was wholly inaccurate and that we would seek legal remedies to set the record straight,” said Excel Sports’ statement. “He has retracted his statement in its entirety and acknowledged that he got the story wrong. We consider this matter closed.”