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Dodgers wins record tracker: Game 136

Seeing how the 2022 Dodgers stack up to history

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Dodgers continue to pile on win after win and have given themselves a shot to break not only franchise records, but Major League Baseball records.

Wednesday afternoon’s win gave the Dodgers a 94-42 (.691) record through 136 games. Let’s see how that stacks up with some of the teams they are chasing.


Dodgers magic number to clinch the NL West

Most MLB wins in a season

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the number the Dodgers are chasing here is 116. In 1906, the Cubs went 116-36, good for the most wins in an MLB season as well as the highest winning percentage in a season (.763). Almost an entire century later, the 2001 Seattle Mariners tied the Cubs’ record of 116 wins.

Through Game 136, the 1906 Cubs were 104-32, whereas the 2001 Mariners found themselves with a record of 97-39.

The Dodgers currently sit at 94-42, a full ten games behind the Cubs and just three games behind the Mariners. In order to catch either of these teams and tie the record mark of 116 wins, the Dodgers will need to finish the season on a 22-4 run, not an easy task.

If the Dodgers want to be the National League team with more than 109 wins since the 1909 Pirates, they need to finish at least 15-11. They are currently on pace to do so.

Best Dodgers record ever

Perhaps the Dodgers’ best shot at breaking a record this season has nothing to do with the rest of baseball, and everything to do with the Dodger franchise. In 2019 and 2021, the Dodgers finished the year with 106 wins, tied for the highest mark in franchise history.

The only way the Dodgers don’t at least tie this mark is if they play under .500 baseball the rest of the way. To finish 106-56 and tie the franchise record, the Dodgers need to go 12-14 in September.

To beat the record and set a franchise wins record, all the boys in blue need to do is play .500 baseball. A 13-13 finish amongst the final 26 games of the year would give the Dodgers a 107-55 record.