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Andruw Jones, Gary Sheffield make gains on Hall of Fame ballot

Scott Rolen was elected to Cooperstown by BBWAA

MLB: APR 02 Giants v Dodgers Photo by Chris WIlliams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Scott Rolen was the only player elected by the Baseball Writers Association of America into the National Baseball Hall of Fame for 2023, in results announced on Tuesday afternoon. Also, a pair of Dodgers made a large jump in support, which for at least one of them could pave the way toward future induction to Cooperstown.

Rolen received 76.3 percent of the vote, his 297 total votes five more than the 292 required to reach the necessary 75 percent for induction from the 389 total ballots.

Todd Helton was named on 72.2 percent of ballots, falling 11 votes shy.

At least four writers submitted blank ballots this year, thanks to the work of Ryan Thibodaux and friends in tracking public Hall of Fame voting.

Andruw Jones continued his upward climb in support, receiving 58.1 percent of the vote, up from 41.4 percent last year. Just three years ago, Jones was at only 19.4 percent. Jones’ lone season with the Dodgers was famously disastrous, hitting just .158/.256/.249, but with 10 career Gold Glove Awards and 434 home runs he could eventually find his way to Cooperstown.

This was the sixth year on the ballot for Jones, giving him four more years to close the gap to the required 75 percent for induction. Gary Sheffield made nearly as big a gain as Jones this year, improving from 40.6 percent to 55 percent. But this is Sheffield’s ninth year on the ballot, giving him just one more shot next year with the BBWAA and a very tall task next year

This was Jeff Kent’s 10th and final year on the ballot, and he fell well short, earning just 46.5 percent of the vote.

Among first-timers on the ballot, neither Andre Ethier nor Jayson Werth received a vote, while Bronson Arroyo got one vote. Jimmy Rollins in his second year got 12.9 percent of the vote, clearing the five-percent threshold required to remain on the ballot.

Dodgers 2023 Hall of Fame voting results

Player Pos Year on ballot 2023 vote 2022 vote
Player Pos Year on ballot 2023 vote 2022 vote
Andruw Jones CF 6th 58.1% 41.4%
Gary Sheffield OF 9th 55.0% 40.6%
Jeff Kent 2B 10th 46.5% 32.7%
Manny Ramirez OF 7th 33.2% 28.9%
Bobby Abreu OF 4th 15.4% 8.6%
Jimmy Rollins SS 2nd 12.9% 9.4%
Bronson Arroyo SP 1st 0.3% n/a
Andre Ethier OF 1st 0.0% n/a
Jayson Werth OF 1st 0.0% n/a

Rolen will be joined during Hall of Fame weekend by fellow inductee Fred McGriff.

McGriff, the longtime first baseman who played for the Dodgers in 2003, was elected by the Contemporary Baseball Era Committee in December. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place in Cooperstown on Sunday, July 23.