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Dodgers took their time, but eventually made the right call in dropping Trevor Bauer

A review of the Dodgers’ process regarding the suspended pitcher

Division Series - Workout Day Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Monday morning’s Leading Off with True Blue LA summarizes the Dodgers parting ways with Trevor Bauer, who was designated for assignment on Friday.

The appeal of Bauer’s suspension was finalized on December 22, which gave the Dodgers two weeks to make a roster decision. But with Bauer’s 194-game suspension the longest in the history of MLB’s joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy, getting rid of Bauer was the obvious decision that could have been made much sooner.

But public messaging hasn’t been the Dodgers’ strong suit in the year and a half since Bauer was first placed on administrative leave by MLB in July 2021, with the team seemingly more concerned about preventing litigation than taking a clear stand.

Ultimately, the Dodgers made the right decision, and that is important. It was just annoying that it took so long for them to do so.

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