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Dodgers face long odds down 0-2 in the NLDS

Division Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It’s no secret the Dodgers are in a rough spot in the National League Division Series, needing to win three games in a row to keep their season alive. First up is Game 3, which is the first game at Chase Field in Phoenix this postseason.

There have been 30 playoffs with Division Series, beginning with the strike season in 1981, and then in every postseason dating back to 1995. That’s four Division Series each season, 120 in total, all best-of-five affairs.

The Dodgers are the 25th team to lose the first two games of a Division Series at home. Of the previous 24 teams, 14 were swept away in Game 3, including the Orioles on Tuesday night in Arlington against the Rangers.

Five teams lost the series in four games. Two others forced a fifth game but still lost the series.

Three teams emerged victorious after dropping the first two Division Series games at home, each comeback remembered for a signature play:

The Dodgers have been in this spot twice before in the Division Series, in both 1995 and 1996. This was in the middle of a long dry period for the Dodgers in October, with their first two postseason series since 1988, and the club didn’t get back to the playoffs again until 2004.

The format was a bit different back then, in that “home-field advantage” meant starting the first two games on the road, before finishing up with potentially three games at home.

The Dodgers in 1995 lost the first two games to the Reds in Los Angeles, before Hideo Nomo and friends got torched 10-1 in Game 3 in Cincinnati to finish things off.

In 1996, the Dodgers lost two one-run games to John Smoltz and Greg Maddux at Dodger Stadium, then Nomo took the loss another season-ending Game 3, this one 5-2 to Tom Glavine and the Braves.

Division Series teams to lost first two games at home

Year Team G3 result G3 runs G3 RA Series result
Year Team G3 result G3 runs G3 RA Series result
1981 Brewers W 5 3 Lost in 5
1981 Royals L 1 4 Swept
1995 Dodgers L 1 10 Swept
1995 Rockies W 7 5 Lost in 4
1996 Dodgers L 2 5 Swept
1997 Mariners W 4 2 Lost in 4
2000 White Sox L 1 2 Swept
2001 Yankees W 1 0 Won in 5
2001 Astros L 2 6 Swept
2002 D-backs L 3 6 Swept
2004 Angels L 6 8 Swept
2006 Padres W 3 1 Lost in 4
2006 Twins L 3 8 Swept
2007 Phillies L 1 2 Swept
2008 Cubs L 1 3 Swept
2008 Angels W 5 4 Lost in 4
2010 Rays W 6 3 Lost in 5
2010 Twins L 0 6 Swept
2012 Giants W 2 1 Won in 5
2014 Nationals W 4 1 Lost in 4
2014 Angels L 3 8 Swept
2015 Blue Jays W 5 1 Won in 5
2016 Rangers L 6 7 Swept
2023 Orioles L 1 7 Swept
2023 Dodgers TBD TBD TBD TBD
Best-of-five Division Series in 1981, 1995-2023 Source: Baseball Reference