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Dodgers notes: Shohei Ohtani, Tyler Glasnow, Manuel Margot

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Shohei Ohtani was introduced at Dodger Stadium on Thursday afternoon, but that was not the only thing going on in Dodgers land.

Within an hour after the Ohtani press conference ended, news broke that the Dodgers agreed to a trade that would bring Tyler Glasnow to Los Angeles, the first of what figures to be multiple moves to address the top end of the Dodgers’ starting rotation. That trade is contingent upon Glasnow signing a contract extension with the Dodgers beyond the $25 million he is owed for 2024.

After the Ohtani press conference, during which Ohtani said the Dodgers ownership group told him they felt the previous 10 years — averaging 100 wins per 162 games with 10 playoff appearances, three pennants, and one championship — were a failure, Andrew Friedman in an interview with MLB Network massaged that a bit.

“No matter how you define the success of the last 10 years, our whole goal is to make the next 10 years way better,” he said.

Andy McCullough and Stephen J. Nesbitt have an annotated transcript of Thursday’s press conference, in case you missed anything.

The Angels had a chance to match the Dodgers’ $700-million offer for Ohtani, but owner Arte Moreno declined, reports Jack Harris of the Los Angeles Times. “But just know that we had really healthy discussions,” agent Nez Balelo said Thursday. “The Angels had every opportunity.”

Cody Stavenhagen and Sam Blum wrote about a handful of major leaguers who had a brush with greatness moment in facing Ohtani.

Ohtani and Balelo said there was no name for the elbow surgery Ohtani had in September. Jack Baer at Yahoo Sports has more. J.J. Cooper at Baseball America opined on Twitter, “Unless there is a new surgery I have missed (and I do read medical journal abstracts to try to stay up on these things) its name is internal brace surgery.”

Jordan Shusterman at Fox Sports wonders if Ohtani, Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman are the best hitting trio in MLB history.

In acquiring Glasnow, the Dodgers have an eye toward their playoff pitching rotation, says Ben Clemens at FanGraphs. Of course, keeping Glasnow healthy come October will be the issue. “Like most of the Dodger rotation, he’s available less frequently than you’d like,” Clemens writes. “When he does take the mound, though, he’s been absolutely lights out.”

Kyle Glaser analyzed the Glasnow trade at Baseball America and had this to say of Manuel Margot, the 29-year-old outfielder coming to Los Angeles in the deal: “He’s an above-average defender who can play all three outfield positions and has the speed to be a threat on the basepaths.”

Keith Law at The Athletic notes the wide range of outcomes for the Dodgers-Rays trade, as well as the risk involved for both teams. “The Dodgers need quality in their rotation, but they also need quantity, with so many question marks as it is between inexperience and guys coming off injuries,” he wrote. “Glasnow gives them quality, but I have no real idea how many innings they can count on him throwing.”