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Adric in the Tony Bennett Suite. Oracle Park. September 30, 2023.

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On the Road with Eli(zondo) and Adric: 2024 Stadium Ranking Guide

Or “Making the subjective objective for the third year running.”

Adric in the Tony Bennett Suite. Oracle Park. September 30, 2023.
| Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA

Unless you are new, you know the drill by now. When not writing long-form essays, I travel the country following the Dodgers around.

As of this essay, I have been to 96 Dodger games lifetime in 23 different stadiums. If you include matchups with other major league teams, I have been to 100 games in my lifetime. Currently, I have been to Oracle Park 23 times — no wonder I am sick of it! I have been to Dodger Stadium 12 times, with the most recent visit on September 15, 2021.

It is worth stating that this list is my list of what I think the best ballparks in Major League baseball are, rather than where is the best place to watch a Dodger game. Moreover, if you are able to get to Dodger Stadium regularly, then of course, the answer is to go to Dodger Stadium if you want to enjoy a Dodger game.

However, if you are unable to get to Dodger Stadium regularly, read on.

You will likely notice some changes in this year’s list. I went through and asked myself “Where did I enjoy going,” “How easy was it to get there,” and “How eager am I to get back,” and the list worked itself out accordingly. I agonized over the seventh slot, before I realized there was one determinative factor: ongoing issues with security.

This list uses the same rules as usual. If the stadium has a hyperlink, you can access the corresponding Guide entry. Places do not get a full Guide entry until I have been to at least two to three games at a location within the past five years.

1. PNC Park — Pittsburgh, PA

The still-undisputed king of MLB ballparks.

Once the Guide is complete, barring illness or injury, the goal will be to return to this jewel by the Alleghany River every season for the rest of my life. Yes, this park is that good.

The Dodgers visit PNC Park on June 4-6.

PNC Park. June 9, 2021. View from behind home plate.
PNC Park. June 9, 2021.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Just about everything, food, views, tickets, ease of access, usually either a Dodgers win or a resurgent young Pirates’ squad.
  • Cons: It’s only one series a year. The weather can be fickle (muggy, rainy).

2. Petco Park — San Diego, CA

Little Brother still has the best ballpark in the NL West. While Petco Park is ranked quite highly nationally (with good reason), it is not the king of ballparks for a simple, solitary reason.

PNC Park is significantly cheaper to visit for a Dodger game, even when you factor in travel to Pennsylvania. However, in a neutral setting, I could entertain arguments that Petco is the best ballpark in the country.

The Dodgers visit Petco Park on May 10-12 and July 30-31.

Petco Park. September 9, 2022.
Petco Park. September 9, 2022.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Imagine everything you like about Dodger Stadium and make it better — which is an apt description of Petco Park.
  • Cons: Padres fans can be extremely annoying; ticket prices are absurd (as there is no such thing as a cheap ticket to a Dodgers/Padres game at Petco)

3. T-Mobile Park — Seattle, WA

This ballpark floored me with how good and user-friendly it is, to the relative bang for the buck that the stadium provides in its amenities, its location, and its food. I could also entertain an argument that T-Mobile is the best ballpark in the country, if not for two factors: hotels near the ballpark are hellishly expensive and the Dodgers only visit every other year.

The Dodgers do not visit T-Mobile Park in 2024.

T-Mobile Park. September 17, 2023.
T-Mobile Park. September 17, 2023.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: If you like a stadium that ticks a lot of boxes and is fun to visit with interesting things to see and eat, you will likely find a lot to love about this ballpark.
  • Cons: Good luck finding a decently-priced hotel near the ballpark or with access to the light rail. The Dodgers only visit every other year.

4. Busch Stadium, version 3.0 — St. Louis, MO

If you are going to St. Louis to see a Dodgers game, you will likely have a good time. If you are going to St. Louis for literally any other reason, I am not sure what you would do there.

The stadium and neighborhood model that baseball is trying to emulate everywhere. At least here, they do it right. Going to a game here is visiting an oasis of baseball in the sea of blight that is St. Louis, Busch Stadium, version 3.0 is a draw that might not otherwise exist.

The Dodgers visit Busch Stadium 3 on August 16-18.

Busch Stadium. September 9, 2021.
Busch Stadium. September 9, 2021.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Lots of things directly by and in the ballpark. Food, views, and tickets are a relative bargain. Fans are knowledgeable too.
  • Cons: Generally, the rest of St. Louis. The weather can get muggy. Hearing about the Cardinal Way ad nauseam can get grating.

5. Target Field — Minneapolis, MN

This ballpark is amazing if the weather cooperates, which is a mighty big if. Granted, you will be in Minneapolis, so by definition, the weather just may not cooperate. Most folks will skip this ballpark due to its location and they really should not.

Even at its worst (see freezing rain and snow, see Midwest humidity), it’s a top-five ballpark in the country, and essentially a “cousin” ballpark to PNC Park as it was made by the same design team and with similar materials.

The Dodgers visit Target Field on April 8-10.

Target Field (before the game). April 13, 2022.
Target Field. April 13, 2022.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Quite underrated as a venue. Great fans. Great value and the best customer service in the League.
  • Cons: Heaven help you if the weather does not cooperate. Getting to and from the stadium is a pain. Not the greatest neighborhood by the ballpark for families.

6. Oriole Park at Camden Yards — Baltimore, MD

As the first retro-classic ballpark, Oriole Park at Camden Yards got a lot of things right about the experience and you can see this stadium’s influence on half the parks in the league. It is not a perfect experience as the park is beginning to show its age, with its scoreboard and sound system.

The above said, if you can navigate the logistical hurdles, you will likely have a great time at Camden Yards.

The Dodgers do not visit Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 2024.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards. July 18, 2023.
Oriole Park at Camden Yards. July 18, 2023.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Now classic stadium. Great fans. Decent value and food.
  • Cons: No tours. Getting to Baltimore is a hassle. Baltimore has gone through some hard times. Not as much value if you have not seen “The Wire.”

7. Oracle Park — San Francisco, CA

Do you still like witnessing and being surrounded by a perpetual inferiority complex?

Boy, do I still have a place for you! (But in a neutral setting, Oracle Park is a very good park.)

The Dodgers visit Oracle Park on May 13-15 and June 28-30.

Oracle Park. September 4, 2021.
Oracle Park. September 4, 2021.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Snark aside, it is a nice stadium. It is relatively easy to get to and from if you do not drive yourself. Even if you park yourself, it’s expensive and you have to navigate the traffic leaving the stadium.
  • Cons: It’s where the Giants play. Tickets cost an arm and a leg (and then some!) if the Dodgers are in town. It’s often cold and windy. Giants fans tend to be insufferable, especially when drunk, doubly so when the Dodgers win; triply so when the Dodgers lose.

8. Dodger Stadium — Los Angeles, CA

Still Our Blue Heaven.

If we are being honest, assuming you live outside of Los Angeles, there are better stadiums to visit. Honestly, Dodger Stadium makes us as fans accept some things that I would not tolerate at other stadiums, and frankly, it’s not okay.

Still, the stadium is a bucket list destination for a Dodgers fan.

You have 80 dates to pick from in the regular season to visit Dodger Stadium in 2024. (Normally, it’s 81, but the Dodgers play a “home” game in Seoul, South Korea.)

Dodger Stadium sans fans. September 13, 2021.
Dodger Stadium. September 13, 2021.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA

9. Wrigley Field — Chicago, IL

Someday, I will get over May 2021. It’s still not today, though. It is one of the last jewel box stadiums in the Major Leagues, for better and worse. In a direct comparison with Fenway, Fenway is the better ballpark experience, but Wrigley is the better trip overall for reasons that will become obvious when the Fenway Guide goes live.

The Dodgers visit Wrigley Field on April 5-7.

Wrigley Field (before the game). May 5, 2021.
Wrigley Field. May 5, 2021.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: It’s a bucket list destination. It’s a fun time for the most part. Something quite iconic about sitting in the sunshine with a Chicago Dog while the organ plays before the game.
  • Cons: It’s a bit pricey for what you get. Weather often does not cooperate. If you have a bad seat, it’s legitimately bad.

10. Coors Field — Denver, CO

Truthfully, folks underrate going to Coors Field and they really should not. I truly enjoy coming to this ballpark and honestly believe that you will too if you give it a chance. There is access to nature, for those that like that sort of thing, and there are bars aplenty, for those that like that sort of thing.

The Dodgers visit Coors Field on June 17-20 and September 27-29 (the final road series and games in the 2024 regular season).

Coors Field (before the game). July 17, 2021.
Coors Field. July 17, 2021.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: It’s a nice ballpark. It’s a fun ballpark.
  • Cons: Do you have problems with elevation? Logistical problems are the biggest hurdle to enjoying a game here, i.e. where did you book your hotel? Did you not leave for the ballpark early if you are staying outside of Denver? Did you pay a premium to stay in downtown Denver?

11. Fenway Park — Boston, MA

“Going to Fenway Park” is a phrase that will always sound foreign to my ear. Before I started writing for True Blue LA, it honestly never occurred to me that I would eventually end up going to games at Fenway. It is a remarkable experience.

Why isn’t Fenway higher on the list? It costs far, far, far, too much to go there and stay in Boston. One could easily spend an entire year’s travel budget at Fenway. Lord knows I did and I was splitting costs with someone who was not penny-pinching!

The Dodgers do not visit Fenway Park in 2024.

Fenway Park. August 27, 2023.
Fenway Park. August 27, 2023.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: It’s on baseball’s bucket list for a reason. Sitting atop the Monster is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Cons: Dear God, my wallet is still hurting — especially from lodging and ticket costs. Said costs easily exceed playoff tickets at Dodger Stadium. The stadium lacks modern amenities, like aisles, in some places.

12. Progressive Field — Cleveland, OH

Cleveland rocks. Progressive Field is a fun place to visit. Good food, good prices, good crowds. Just pick a nearby hotel and walk to the Jake, which still persists as a stadium nickname. The Dodgers will visit every other year, which feels like often enough.

If you want to explore elsewhere, you need a car. The Jake is getting some renovations which should go online in 2024, which will probably necessitate a return visit in 2025. Oh darn.

The Dodgers do not visit Progressive Field in 2024.

Progressive Field. August 23, 2023.
Progressive Field. August 23, 2023.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Good mix of value and amenities for the effort required to visit.
  • Cons: Some folks are hyper-critical of the ground crew (these people are wrong). If the weather does not cooperate, things get challenging in a hurry. The stadium is near a rough neighborhood. Ohio, generally.

13. Nationals Park — Washington, D.C.

While I have not been to a game at Nationals Park since 2015, I did manage to visit for a tour in 2023 and I will be finally attending games in 2024. The ballpark is still largely the same, which is good, because it’s a solid ballpark and experience, if a bit inferior to going to a game in Baltimore.

What had changed is that the neighborhood around the ballpark expanded with places to eat and things to do before and after the game. Instead of feeling like you got lost at the dock, you feel like you are having a party in the neighborhood, and the nation’s capital at that.

The Dodgers visit Nationals Park on April 23-25. My first games in 2024 are scheduled for Washington, D.C.

Nats Park. July 21, 2015. Oddly enough, NOT a Dodgers/Nats game, but a complementary Mets/Nats game. (Blame Taylor Swift.)
Nationals Park. July 21, 2015.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Solid ballpark. Solid experience. Friendly staff through and through. Plenty of stuff to do in D.C.
  • Cons: Weather can be unforgiving. Not the best stadium for traveling solo.

14. American Family Field — Milwaukee, WI

American Family Field is one of those parks where you definitely get what you pay for. If you try to scrimp on the experience, you get what you pay for. If you allow yourself to enjoy yourself, then you will have a grand time in Wisconsin.

The Dodgers visit American Family Field on August 12-15.

American Family Field. August 15, 2022.
American Family Field. August 15, 2022.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Traffic seems to flow rather efficiently here. Tickets are usually reasonable. Great staff. You get what you pay for.
  • Cons: If you go super cheap on the experience, you get what you pay for. For the best results, you will need to rent a car. The Bernie’s Slide Experience will get you if you aren’t careful.

15. Citi Field — Queens, NY

Citi Field is fine. Just fine — especially if you take the 7 subway line, do not pay $40 for parking at the stadium if you can help it. But the entire time you visit you will likely be thinking of the following two phrases with some justification:

  • Am I technically a Lego minifigure in Steve Cohen’s lifesize model of Citi Field?
  • Why is everything so expensive? I thought Papa Steve was a billionaire.

In a few ways, this ballpark reminds me of Dodger Stadium, and not in a good way. Still, there are worse reasons to visit New York City.

The Dodgers visit Citi Field on May 27-29.

Citi Field. July 16, 2023
Citi Field. July 16, 2023
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: It’s fine. It’s fun. It’s a great excuse to visit New York if you have never been.
  • Cons: Going to the stadium (including flights, lodging, tickets) costs too much. There is not a lot to do by the ballpark. There’s no reason to stay in Queens. The fans can be a bit much.

16. Chase Field — Phoenix, AZ

It is not a bad park. It does feel a bit like an aircraft hangar with the roof closed. However, if the choice is scorching heat or feeling like you got lost on the way to GenCon, I pick the latter. It might be worth coming back when I know the roof will be open. Dodger fans will likely have to wear the 2023 NLDS for a few years when they visit Phoenix.

The Dodgers visit Chase Field on April 29-May 1 and August 30-September 2.

Chase Field (before the game). May 28, 2022.
Chase Field. May 28, 2022.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Good starter park to travel for the beginning traveler of Dodger games. It was a de facto Dodger Stadium East.
  • Cons: Do you like being in the desert? Do you like dry heat? Did you forget sunscreen? Are you prepared for the verbal taunting stemming from the 2023 NLDS playoff flop?

17. Kauffman Stadium — Kansas City, MO

Easily the best-smelling tailgate in Major League Baseball. This quirky baseball oasis serves as a counterpoint to the experience offered in St. Louis. While some would deride Kauffman as a jumped-up Triple-A stadium, it does have its own unique charm and character for residing in the second-smallest major league town by population.

The Royals are attempting to move downtown, which is obnoxious, rather than build up the area around the ballpark. This entry of the Guide may become moot in a few years.

The Dodgers do not visit Kauffman Stadium in 2024.

Kauffman Stadium. August 13, 2022.
Kauffman Stadium. August 13, 2022.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Great sightlines, reasonable ticket prices, proximity to the Negro League Hall of Fame
  • Cons: The stadium is in the middle of nowhere, and food at the ballpark is mediocre at best; if the weather does not cooperate, you need to be prepared, otherwise you will have a terrible time. Generally, you need to rent a car to visit.

18. Angel Stadium of Anaheim — Anaheim, CA

Honestly, imagine everything good about Dodger Stadium and then make it worse. Personally, the only draw to the Big A is sentimental. Specifically, I have friends from law school who are avid fans of the Angels, and meeting there is easier than meeting in the Bay Area or at Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers visit Angel Stadium of Anaheim on September 3-4.

Angel Stadium. July 16, 2022.
Angel Stadium. July 16, 2022.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: It’s by an Amtrak station. It’s easy to get to and from. I suppose if one lived in Anaheim, the stadium would merit more attention.
  • Cons: Imagine a bizarro Dodger Stadium, where everything bad is good and everything good is bad. And then you get to watch a team that wasted two generational talents. And remind yourself that the Angels are (generally) charging you a mint to be there for a Dodger game. And even then, you can pay a mint and things still weirdly feel cheap.

19. Great American Ballpark — Cincinnati, OH

Great American Ballpark is like Skyline Chili, which one needs to try when visiting Cincinnati. It is not what I would call good, but it is food, so that is something. So goes Great American Ballpark.

Shade is your friend during day games. Try to stay in Ohio if possible, otherwise, you will need a car or the tolerance to withstand the weather while walking in from Kentucky. The ownership is still bad, but the Customer Service department on the backend is pretty good.

The Dodgers visit Great American Ballpark on May 24-26.

2021 Regular Season Finale.
Great American Ballpark. September 18, 2021.
Michael Elizondo / TrueBlueLA
  • Pros: It’s a nice stadium from the outside. Opening Day in Cincinnati is essentially a local holiday.
  • Cons: Pretty much everything else. The ownership is cartoonishly bad. The food is enjoyable, mostly on an ironic level. If the weather is bad, forget it. The stadium layout is bad because they wanted to put in more luxury boxes.

20. loanDepot Park — Miami, FL

Imagine a stadium that is near nowhere useful in Miami, and then have the stadium be empty. But I only did one game at loanDepot and I promised to not judge a place fully until I have done at least three games there. That judging...will not be in 2024.

The Dodgers visit loanDepot Park on September 17-19.

The Michael dodged a Tropical Storm game for this?!? game.
loanDepot Park. July 5, 2021.
Michael Elizondo / TrueBlueLA
  • Pros: The stadium is a nice shade of blue inside. The seats were bigger than I expected.
  • Cons: Pretty much everything else. Many parks do what this ballpark does better and cheaper. The garish statue was interesting and it was moved outside.

21. Tropicana Field — St. Petersburg, FL

Generally, Tropicana Field is a shabby dump. It is a nightmare to get to the region. It is a nightmare to get to the game. And yet once you’re there, odds are that you will have a good time. This stadium will likely perplex the heck out of the average traveler.

It would be so easy to relegate this stadium to the bottom of this list. But there is a quirky charm that is hard to explain in a blurb such as this one. Going to a game here is quite memorable, for better or worse.

The Dodgers do not visit Tropicana Field in 2024.

Tropicana Field. May 26, 2023.
Tropicana Field. May 26, 2023.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: The stadium experience does do quite a few things right. The fans are a passionate, if few in number, bunch.
  • Cons: Just about everything else. From lodging and flight costs to the actual gameplay experience to the logistics of actually getting to the ballpark. The Trop serves as an endurance test and an abstract experience rather than an enjoyable baseball experience.

22. Truist Park — Atlanta, GA

If Atlanta stopped the racist chant or stopped the price gouging for regular-season Atlanta/Los Angeles games, this stadium would be in the top ten of this list. If Atlanta fixed both problems, the stadium would be in my top five.

But they have not, and they likely will not. But their Customer Service department is second to none, I can stay that in favor of the stadium. The only reasons this stadium jumped up on the list are the stadium saga in Oakland and the sheer objective fact that going to a game in Atlanta is better than going to a game in Oakland.

The Dodgers visit Truist Park on September 13-16.

Truist Park. June 5, 2021
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: It does have a neighborhood around it that the League seems to be emulating. The sightlines are nice. The ballpark itself is newer and it shows.
  • Cons: Objective racism. Usual, outright gouging of ticket prices for Dodgers/Atlanta games (if on a weekend). Watch from home - your conscience and wallet will thank you when watching the Cumberland Baseball Team.

23. RingCentral Coliseum Oakland Coliseum — Oakland, CA

The Oakland Coliseum has been through a lot in its troubled history. The current ownership is a blight upon the game of baseball and what has been done to relocate this farce masquerading as a team to Las Vegas, Nevada is absolutely disgraceful.

The Athletics belong in Oakland. That statement said the Coliseum is a decaying sore in Oakland that is only enjoyable for ironic, devout, or historic reasons. Or if you want to go to a dive bar but cannot be bothered to go to San Francisco.

The Dodgers visit the Coliseum for likely the last time on August 2-4.

Oakland Coliseum. June 18, 2023.
Oakland Coliseum. June 18, 2023.
Michael Elizondo / True Blue LA
  • Pros: Some of the best and most loyal fans in the Major Leagues. It’s great if you like a dive bar.
  • Cons: The stadium experience is lousy if you hate a dive bar. Pretty much everything else. Friends do not let friends go to the Coliseum these days, but if one wants to go 2024 will likely be one’s last chance.

Agree? Disagree? I am sure that you will tell me here or on social media. What stadiums have you been to? Where should I go next?

I make my own schedule, but if there is an outcry for me to go somewhere, I would be remiss if I did not listen. Seven stadiums are left. In the coming months, I will publish my travel itinerary for the coming year as the road to 30 continues.

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