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Every Dodgers prospect named to MLB top-100 lists

Dodgers Diego Cartaya, Bobby Miller, and Miguel Vargas, all of whom played in the 2022 MLB Futures Game at Dodger Stadium, line up in the order they are ranked on the 2023 Baseball America top 100 prospects list. Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we have 2023 top-100 lists from Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, MLB Pipeline, The Athletic, ESPN, and FanGraphs, we have a fairly broad overview of where Dodgers prospects stand.

Nine Dodgers prospects made the Baseball Prospectus 101, eight were named to The Athletic’s top 100, seven were on MLB Pipeline, six each at Baseball America and FanGraphs, and five in the ESPN top 100.

A total of eleven Dodgers made at least one of those national top-100 lists. Four were named to all six lists — catcher Diego Cartaya, the top-rated Dodgers prospect on all six lists; Bobby Miller, the team’s consensus top pitching prospect; Miguel Vargas, whose major league runway was cleared after debuting last season; and pitcher Gavin Stone, the 2022 Dodgers minor league pitcher of the year who has kept pace with fellow 2020 draft pick Miller in the minors.

Michael Busch narrowly missed joining that quartet. He was ranked in the 50s at Baseball America, MLB Pipeline, and Baseball Prospectus, rated 46th by FanGraphs, and No. 74 by The Athletic. The only top-100 prospect list Busch didn’t make was from ESPN at Kiley McDaniel, but was included in a group of 29 players with a 50 future value rating just outside the ESPN list.

Outfielder Andy Pages made four top-100 lists, topping out at No. 58 by FanGraphs. Catcher Dalton Rushing, last year’s top Dodgers draft pick, was named to three top-100 lists, topping out at 56th by Baseball Prospectus.

Ryan Pepiot was named to two lists (ranked 55th by Baseball America, 70th by MLB Pipeline), while pitchers Nick Nastrini (Baseball Prospectus) and Nick Frasso (BP), and outfielder James Outman (The Athletic) made one top-100 list this year.

Last year, Cartaya and Miller were the only Dodgers prospects named to top-100 lists at each of the six national sites listed above. Cartaya’s average rank was 30.3, and Miller’s average was 60.5. This year, Cartaya’s average is 17.8, and Miller at 26.3.

Dodgers prospects named to 2023 top-100 lists

Player Pos Age On 40-man? 2022 highest level BA (6) BP (9) MLB (7) Athletic (8) ESPN (5) FanGraphs (6)
Player Pos Age On 40-man? 2022 highest level BA (6) BP (9) MLB (7) Athletic (8) ESPN (5) FanGraphs (6)
Diego Cartaya C 21 Yes High-A 18 19 14 6 22 28
Bobby Miller RHP 24 No Triple-A 21 27 24 28 25 33
Miguel Vargas 3B 23 Yes MLB 30 39 37 23 80 48
Gavin Stone RHP 24 No Triple-A 56 50 56 39 55 59
Michael Busch 2B 25 Yes Triple-A 54 59 54 74 NR 46
Andy Pages OF 22 Yes Double-A NR 90 81 67 NR 58
Dalton Rushing C 22 No High-A NR 56 NR 62 98 NR
Ryan Pepiot RHP 25 Yes MLB 55 NR 70 NR NR NR
Nick Nastrini RHP 23 No Double-A NR 54 NR NR NR NR
Nick Frasso RHP 24 No Double-A NR 79 NR NR NR NR
James Outman OF 26 Yes MLB NR NR NR 89 NR NR