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Dodgers notes: 2023 schedule changes, position previews, Bryan Cranston on Vin Scully

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MLB: JUN 26 Cubs at Dodgers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Next year’s MLB schedule is a big change for the sport, with all 30 teams playing each other every single year for the first time ever. We talked earlier this week about some quirks of the Dodgers schedule.

Jayson Stark at The Athletic on Friday dug deep into the new schedule and various differences between this year and last.

He provided greater detail on the air miles traveled by each team, including the Dodgers increasing from 36,694 miles last year to 41,698. The addition of 5,004 miles is the ninth-largest difference in the sport. Four National League West teams are in the top nine in air-mile increases, topped by the Giants traveling over 11,000 more miles this year than last.

Another quirk is that, using 2022 records, Stark found the Dodgers will play 11 more games against teams with a winning record in 2023 than last year, the second-highest increase in MLB. But also, even with those added games, the Dodgers still have the fourth-easiest strength of schedule.