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Max Muncy home runs and fun with small sample sizes

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

What a difference a series makes, huh? Max Muncy started only two of three games against the Giants, but homered twice in each one, dramatically altering the perception of his April.

Hitting a baseball is exceedingly hard, and it’s not always as easy as flipping a switch. But Muncy’s strong week began on Monday when he re-incorporated the step-back to his swing that helped salvage an injury-plagued 2022. He’s been wonderful since.

Muncy hit a grand slam and a three-run home run on Monday, then on Wednesday hit a solo shot and three-run home run.

What’s less of a small sample is Muncy’s performance against the Giants. He has 25 home runs in 75 games against the Dodgers longtime rivals, hitting .274/.384/.635. At Oracle Park in San Francisco, Muncy is hitting .297/.419/.625 with 11 home runs in 38 games.

Entering Monday, Muncy was had four hits in 41 at-bats, hitting .121/.293/.212 with home run, two RBI, and a 53 wRC+. After the series, Muncy is hitting .214/.353/.571 with five home runs and a 141 wRC+. That’s an OPS jump of 419 points.

Muncy’s 13 RBI are one shy of the National League lead. His 11 runs batted in during the Giants series was one shy of a Dodgers franchise record.