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Dodgers notes: Mookie Betts, Clayton Kershaw, Pride Night

Los Angeles Dodgers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

Saturday night saw the Dodgers mount a ninth inning rally against the Cardinals, placing the tying run just 90 feet away with superstar Mookie Betts at the dish. Any sense of momentum the Dodgers had in remaining in the game quickly vanished after a blown strike three call from home plate umpire Paul Emmel sealed the their fate.

Betts was unable to replicate the same results he had against St. Louis Friday night, as his three-run home run solidified the Dodgers lead in a shutout victory. Betts had the opportunity to alter the outcome last night with just a base hit, however, he was hung up to dry, leaving the Dodgers trailing 2-1 in the series, and bringing an end to the Dodgers series winning streak.

Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register shares how Betts felt about the blown strike call, as Betts is known for having a tendency to lay off pitches that are far outside of the strike zone:

“‘Nothing we can do about it. It’s over with now,’ Betts said. ‘He called it. Nothing you can do. He called it a strike. Can’t take it back.’”

Dave Roberts chimed in as well.