About the SOPI featuring at Dodger Stadium controversy

I'm not posting this on the TBLA forum, because I don't think they want such a religious/political controversial subject to be broached there, and the little we discussed on an earlier thread, we all got out of pretty quickly and let it go. I have to say something. The SOPI are a deliberate, aggressive, hostile, affront to the Catholic Church. This has to be completely obvious to anyone. They mean to be such, even if they might pretend it's not in order to deflect criticism. If the Dodgers allow them to perform, or acknowledge them, they are colluding in this deliberately satirical attack on the Catholic Church's dignity. If they go forward with this, I and the Dodgers are fundamentally at odds. I can not, in that case, continue my 50+ year fan-hood of the Dodgers. In other words, if the SOPI are featured at Dodgers Stadium I will no longer consider myself a Dodgers fan.

I have an immediate problem in that I have tickets, very good ones, to the games in July in which the Rangers host the Dodgers in Arlington, TX. My boss gave them to me as a retirement gift. I don't know what to do now. I don't particularly wish to attend those games (although I do, I admit, look forward to staying in the very nice hotel room he has provided for the weekend). When I do go, and supposing that the the Dodgers have "called my bluff" (LOL!), then I won't be going as a Dodgers fan, but, I guess, as a Rangers fan. I don't know a blooming thing, or care (till now) about the Rangers. But my boss (ex-boss, as I'm recently retired) is an extremely sentimental and good hearted person. He meant, with all his heart, for me to enjoy the games. I mean, he went to some trouble to find and give me this personalized gift. If I weren't to go, it would genuinely hurt his feelings, and I don't want to do that. So, I plan to go to the games, but as a Rangers fan (whatever that is). I'm writing this just as a matter of full disclosure. If I find myself in the position I anticipate, I plan to enjoy the food and a beer, at least, and to root for the Rangers.

Let me remind anyone reading this that no one, not the SOPI nor anyone, such as the Dodgers, hosting them, would dare to make such a satirical attack on any other religious group, even if they pretended they were only attacking "the institution". They know that if they did so the backlash would cause them considerably more trouble than they would care to endure. It's open season on the Catholic Church, however.

One more thing. I'm not Catholic, just a fellow Christian to them.

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