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Freddie Freeman breaks Los Angeles Dodgers record for doubles in a season

50 doubles, and by August 27 to boot

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Boston Red Sox David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Freddie Freeman doubled in the first inning and again in the fourth inning in a win over the Red Sox on Sunday afternoon at Fenway Park. That gives Freeman 50 doubles, breaking the Los Angeles Dodgers record for doubles in one season.

Freeman’s first double Sunday was against starter Tanner Houck in the first inning, and his fourth-inning double came against left-hander Chris Murphy to set the record.

Shawn Green held the previous mark for two decades, since hitting 49 doubles in 2003. The only Dodgers player in Brooklyn with more doubles is Johnny Frederick, who hit 52 doubles in 1929.

Freeman still has 33 more games after Sunday to add to his total, which is already prolific. The last major league player to reach 50 doubles in his team’s first 129 games was Craig Biggio in 1999. He had 51 doubles through 129 games for the Astros that year, and finished with 56 doubles.

Only 10 major league players have hit 56 doubles in the last 87 years.

This year, Freeman is on pace for 63 doubles. Nobody has hit 60 doubles since Charlie Gehringer for the Tigers in 1936. That same year, Joe Medwick of the Cardinals set the National League record with 64 doubles.

Freeman has five doubles this week on the road trip, including two-baggers in both games Thursday and another on Friday in Boston. He has 15 doubles in August, with four games still remaining in the month. That would be a solid half-season for most players, but it’s not even Freeman’s best month this season.

In May, Freeman his 17 doubles, setting Dodgers records for doubles and extra-base hits (24) in a month en route to winning National League player of the month.