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Dodgers chased away the Sunday Scaries

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres
A rare sight this season: the Dodgers actually celebrating on Sunday.
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Most people do not like Sunday, as they tend to fear the imminent return to work on Monday. Personally, I have never understood such fear, as barring something quite extraordinary, Sunday comes the same time each week. But in one of those weird quirks of baseball, this season the Dodgers have been absolutely dreadful on Sunday this year.

It did not matter if the Dodgers were at home or on the road, the end result for games on Sunday this year have been some of the worst losses of the year.

In fact, until the Dodgers thumped the Padres on Sunday, the Dodgers had lost the previous ten straight games on Sunday. The Dodgers last beat the San Diego Padres 4-0 on May 14, a period of 83 calendar days between wins on Sunday. Before going forward, let us look back at the ten straight Sunday losses, if only for this poor traveling correspondent’s sanity because I was at a few of these. You will likely notice a theme.

The Terrible Ten

Truly, one could have done a myriad of other more productive things on Sunday these past three months that would have been far more enjoyable than watching poor, frustrating baseball.

But in a weird quirk of baseball, the Dodgers are actually undefeated against the Padres on Sundays this year, winning all three attempts (May 7, May 14, and August 6). Overall, the Dodgers are 5-13 on Sundays this year as the Dodgers only beat the Padres, the Cubs (April 23), and the Cardinals (April 30).

Eight days a week

The Dodgers’ performance on Sundays this year, raised a question for me: just how have they done on the other days of the week?

  • Mondays: 8-3
  • Tuesdays: 13-4
  • Wednesdays: 7-9
  • Thursdays: 8-2
  • Fridays: 10-9
  • Saturdays: 13-6

The Dodgers usually have Mondays and Thursdays off. I did not notice a pattern of wins and losses when looked at by the day of the week. As far as I am able to tell, the recently broken streak is just a quirk of happenstance.

What’s next?

The Dodgers have eight games left on Sunday during the regular season in 2023, including the regular season finale at San Francisco. Half of them are at home, and half are on the road. Two of these games are currently scheduled to be breakfast baseball.

  • Next Sunday, vs. COL
  • August 20, vs. MIA
  • August 27, at BOS (10:35 a.m. PT) — I will be sitting on the Green Monster
  • September 3, vs. ATL
  • September 10, at WAS (10:35 a.m. PT)
  • September 17, at SEA — I will be in attendance
  • September 24, vs. SF
  • October 1, at SF (regular-season finale)

As to what will happen is anyone’s guess. Here’s hoping that the last eight regular-season Sundays go better than the previously stretch before yesterday.