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Dodgers notes: Clayton Kershaw, James Outman, Mookie Betts

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Los Angeles Dodgers v Miami Marlins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Clayton Kershaw doesn’t have to prove to fans that he’s been a benefactor to the Dodgers’ rotation. He doesn’t have to prove that he can pitch at an All-Star caliber in his 16th season as a Dodger.

It would be helpful however, if the lefty could regain his velocity and control, while proving he can be an ace the rotation desperately needs before the regular season concludes.

During his start against the Marlins nearly two weeks ago, Kershaw saw his velocity dip to the lowest it has been all season. Shoulder ailments have hampered his ability to throw above 90 mph and keep the walks at a minimum. Despite the obstacles, Kershaw is solely concerned with proving to himself that he can still be an effective pitcher when the stakes are at their highest, as Fabian Ardaya of The Athletic writes:

“I look at it as an open tryout. I really do. It makes the games more meaningful going down the stretch. Looking forward to the challenge. I think for myself personally, I need it to prove to myself that I’m still good enough.”