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How Dodgers, J.D. Martinez made this season matter

J.D. Martinez is a long way from his difficult 2022 season in Boston, contributing to a Dodger team that had a shaky start to this season.

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Los Angeles Dodgers v. Seattle Mariners Photo by Liv Lyons/MLB Photos via Getty Images

What’s to come for the newly-minted NL West champs? The Dodgers’ early clinch may pave the way for more experimental lineups from manager Dave Roberts, helping fine-tune the roster for the postseason while giving regulars some hard-earned rest in the process. There are plenty of questions left about the rotation, but morale seems high by all accounts and no one is showing signs of slowing down.

Here are the latest goings-on for the boys in blue:

Dodgers Links

Bleacher Report’s Zachary D. Rymer lists Dodgers DH J.D. Martinez as one of the players who changed their story this year. After a rough season with the Boston Red Sox in 2022, Martinez now has an .852 OPS and 22 homers at the All-Star Break, his best first half since 2018.

The Dodgers’ postseason rotation is going to be interesting, to say the least. While Clayton Kershaw will be part of it, the team’s rookies will see significant work. Fox Sports’ Rowan Kavner tells us how they compare to the remaining playoff contenders.

Fabian Ardaya at The Athletic takes a deep dive into the Dodgers’ clubhouse dynamics, work ethic, and other elements that all came together to help them win the West.

Is winning the West even a big deal anymore? “Winning any division title is a grind,” writes Houston Mitchell at the Los Angeles Times. In other words: Party on. Mitchell also breaks down the team’s pitching heading into the playoffs.’s Juan Toribio has all the info you need as you prep for the postseason, including the upcoming schedule, potential NLDS opponents, and tough roster decisions to come.

If anyone is going to re-open the 3,000 hit club, Freddie Freeman may be the man for the job, writes Dan Szymborski at FanGraphs.