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Dodgers notes: Shohei Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Tyler Glasnow

MLB: Dodgers Ohtani Introduction Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Happy New Year’s, Dodgers fans!

It is a very exciting time for the Dodgers, as they enter this new year with an augmented roster that features the most highly touted free agent signing in baseball history. As if signing a player to a $700 million deal wasn’t enough for one offseason, they also handed out the largest ever contract to a pitcher in free agency to a 25-year old phenom that has yet to even throw a pitch at the major league level.

The additions of Ohtani and Yamamoto will headline the Dodgers’ rotation for years to come— after the 2024 season— and trading for Tyler Glasnow adds another level of high-quality talent that will join along side former All Star Walker Buehler and rising star Bobby Miller.

Pitching coach Mark Prior was featured on MLB Network, praising the newly formed rotation and sharing how the front office was ready to prepare for a busy offseason.

“It was a goal going into the offseason to obviously go out and get the bigger fish that were out there. To be able to get these three guys, I probably wasn’t expecting all three of them, but I was definitely expecting us to go out and get some frontline type players.”


Shohei Ohtani has already become a fixture within the Dodgers community, represented by a mural in Hermosa Beach, yet he is already becoming a figure that Asian Americans can look up to within Los Angeles.

Teresa Watanabe of the Los Angeles Times shares the thoughts of Asian American residents in Los Angeles on what Shohei Ohtani being placed at the forefront of baseball means to them, comparing his impact on Asian Americans to Fernando Valenzuela’s influence within the Latin American community.

“Asians and Asian American men ... have been emasculated throughout world history, and to have this be breaking international news means something for the culture,” Naomi Ko, a host of the Asians in Baseball podcast, said in a program this month. Ohtani is not the founder of Nintendo, a martial arts expert or a doctor, she added, citing traditionally Asian career choices. He’s a baseball player. The baseball player.

The Dodgers are currently one of three teams that are interested in free agent closer Josh Hader. William Fletch of the New York Magazine appeared on MLB Network’s High Heat, discussing why the Dodgers are the best fit for Hader.

“They can use Hader. They’ve had some bullpen issues in the past... certainly if they are this motivated to keep going, then why not go get Hader. They certainly could use him.”